F45 Redbank Plains

Who doesn't love F45! The clients at Redbank plains have made the F45 experience one to remember. the 200m2 gym features high ceilings with wide open glass facade creating an open feel to work out to. 2 Fully equipped showers, including toilets saw the Pinnacle team cut up the concrete, excavate and lay a complete new plumbing setup. A free standing structural wall spanning 6 meters high made it possible to mount to chin up bars where they needed to be allowing the most vigorous of gym junkies to try their hand. There was a solution to everything that was thrown at us. Completing the process included all the signage, setup of the equipment and placement. Pinnacle worked with the clients at every step to make sure all F45 guidelines were met as well as fulfilling legal requirements. If you haven't already experienced F45, now is the time to start so head down to F45 Redbank Plains, see one of the exceptional trainers and enjoy this wonderful facility.