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What We Believe

At Pinnacle, we don’t believe commercial construction endeavours should be as difficult as they often are. That’s why we’ve worked so hard to realise our vision: to develop a comprehensive, turnkey service for all commercial fitouts. Gold Coast and Brisbane commercial spaces are our passion and our specialty, and we’ve developed a service to meet the construction needs of all our customers without the stress that normally comes with growing and changing a business.

We’re specialists in project management. We do this so well because we’ve got vast, multi-industry experience and diverse skill sets, developed over years of experience in office, retail, industrial and medical centre fitouts. Brisbane based and passionate about our community, we’ve also got an innate drive to foster mutually beneficial relationships with our suppliers, staff, and customers.

We love taking a vision for a commercial project, and using our expertise to materialise it into something functional and beautiful. Whether it’s delivering sleek office fitouts, fully compliant medical fitouts, or ambient high-end retail shop fitouts, Brisbane businesses will benefit from our innovation and skill as they move into a brighter future.

And because we want to be the best in our field, we’re always evolving our skills and knowledge. We’re always at the forefront of the changes to best practice in the construction sector, aiming to achieve excellence in our industry.

Meet Our Project Manager

Vaughn Preddy

Cert IV Engineering

Cert IV Aircraft Maintenance

Cert IV CAD/Drafting

Diploma of
Building and Construction

Vaughn Preddy

Project Manager / Estimator

Vaughn Preddy

Vaughn’s broad knowledge in commercial fitouts results from many years of education and practice across several related fields. With qualifications in engineering, aircraft maintenance, drafting, and building and construction—as well as vast experience in the construction industry—Vaughn brings a valuable, multifaceted, and unique insight to commercial projects.

Vaughn has a special interest and fined-tuned skills in alloys and surface finishing, particularly the use of aluminium products across numerous applications, including finishing for interior fitouts. Brisbane based and educated, his areas of expertise also include quoting, estimating, engineering procedures and production systems, industry product information, design, and technical drawing and drafting. Vaughn acts for Pinnacle as both our keen eye for detail and our customer service professional, and he ensures all projects are completed according to the planned outcomes.

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